Best VR headset - some research in brief

There are mainly 2 types of VR headsets - Tethered n Mobile

Tethered are those which are connected to high end PCs and they have their own displays while Mobile ones are those which use smartphones for their display and processing power.

So cost varies as per this differentiation and also as per lens qualities, how many controls headsets are providing like IPD, embedded headphones, comfort etc. On the basis of all this and on my research, I am suggesting headsets in 3 categories -


One Plus 3 vs Galaxy S7 - In short

One plus 3 is worth buy in INR 27999

I am not going to give you details here about it as every other site is writing about it. Like one is given below which has shown good comparison with other high end phones -


Moto X - Snap Review

Moto X - The newest member of the Motorola family is squarely aimed at delivering more in terms software, camera, and design without compromising on performance.


HTC Desire 816 - Snap Review

Note – if you don’t want to read the whole review as you don’t have time then just read the bold words which are quickly visible to eyes and then you will be able to understand whole review in just a minute. I call it snap review. Enjoyyyyy…….

HTC Desire 816 is part of the Taiwanese device maker's mid-range smartphone lineup.


Download entire website in few minutes!

HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility.


Netvibes, alternative to google reader

Google has decided to shut down its Reader service on July the 1st. Good news: you don’t need to look for an alternative, Netvibes is the perfect home for all your RSS feeds.


Why would I buy Samsung Galaxy S 4?

I would love to buy Galaxy S 4. The main reasons would be (other than all basic features & connectivity options) -

Better Design than other phones

5'' big super AMOLED screen, little lighter & thinner, 1,920x1,080-pixel screen resolution, 441ppi pixel density,


Floating window you tube on Android

You'll need to install a copy of Floating YouTube Popup Video on your Android device, then follow these steps:


Office 365 features

Office 365 features at glance -

  • A simple Admin page lets support staff easily manage users and configure Exchange, SharePoint and Lync Online services.