One Plus 3 vs Galaxy S7 - In short

One plus 3 is worth buy in INR 27999

I am not going to give you details here about it as every other site is writing about it. Like one is given below which has shown good comparison with other high end phones -

Overall, this is good competition for other high end phones in the markit like Galaxy S7, LG G5. Everyone like Verge and NDTV has given it 9 rating. It has only following 3 major differences with Galaxy S7 and you can live without those -

  1. S7 is water resistant and One plus 3 is NOT.
  2. One plus 3 doesnt have micro SD card slot while S7 has. But One plus 3 has got 64 GB internal memory that is pretty good.
  3. S7 has higher resolution than One plus 3 (it has 1080) and you know higher resolutions make the phones heaty.

So as you see, for such differences this is your choice only if you want to shell out more approx. 30K bucks for S7. Please let me know how you find my precise n short comparison.


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