Best VR headset - some research in brief

There are mainly 2 types of VR headsets - Tethered n Mobile

Tethered are those which are connected to high end PCs and they have their own displays while Mobile ones are those which use smartphones for their display and processing power.

So cost varies as per this differentiation and also as per lens qualities, how many controls headsets are providing like IPD, embedded headphones, comfort etc. On the basis of all this and on my research, I am suggesting headsets in 3 categories -

High range
In this category mostly expensive headset comes with top quality stuff i.e. mainly tethered devices like-

Oculus rift
Htc Vive

Among these, HTC vive is best VR experience wise.

Mid range
Here mobile based VRs come -

Samsung gear VR
Procus Pro and its earlier version - it is as good as Samsung gear and much cheaper in price.
Converge VR - this is also Google daydream (described at the last) compatible.

Lower range
Here Google cardboard compatible VR comes. These are also mobile based but way more cheaper. Cardboard is a platform rather than device. It suggests some standards which can be followed for cheaper VR experience but it is just good for sneak preview of VR and for advanced experiences you should consider above 2 categories. Some good devices compatible to this standard are suggested below -

Note - these devices cost also vary as per lens qualities and comfort etc.

Aura VR
icardboard - i feel this is best.

Many DIY kits are also available for assembly which are more cheaper like in 180-200 INR bucks.

Just FYI - at last I/O, Google announced one new VR platform - daydream which is one step ahead to current Cardboard platform. It will be released by Nov 2016 with compatible headsets. It is believed to be significant step by Google in VR space and it will be worth watching what Google brings in terms of cost vs experience.


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