Why would I buy Samsung Galaxy S 4?

I would love to buy Galaxy S 4. The main reasons would be (other than all basic features & connectivity options) -

Better Design than other phones

5'' big super AMOLED screen, little lighter & thinner, 1,920x1,080-pixel screen resolution, 441ppi pixel density,

Best Hardware
octa core CPU - beast
13 MP camera & 2 MP front camera,
can work as Remote control for any TV set,
big 2600mAh battery

Best software features
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean,
multiview mode that lets you split the screen to interact with two apps,
S Translator,
video calls that make use of both cameras,
Group gaming & group music play
integrated optical reader that can scan QR codes, turn business cards into text,
S Voice Drive for in-car use to make calls, send messages etc.
Smart stay which keeps screen on if you are looking
Smart Pause - pauses the running video if you look away from screen
Smart Scroll - scrolls the screen with your eyes
works with your hand gestures to preview video/image, navigate, scroll up & down
dual-shot mode, which takes photos and video from both the front and rear cameras



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